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Andrew Noble LLB (Hons) [Manchester] FRICS, FCIArb

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T:   +44 (0) 845 299 6760
Skype: andrew.noble0860

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Construction law

Litigation Access

Historically, businesses in the UK and most members of the public could not instruct a consultant barrister directly and had to use a solicitor or other recognised professional with rights of direct professional access (DPA) such as chartered surveyors, architects, engineers and so on.

Since 2003 the legal landscape has changed radically. Now, with certain safeguards, businesses (and members of the public) are able to instruct certain barristers directly either to perform specific tasks (DPA) or to act as their lawyer/ litigator (litigation access). Andrew Noble is one of those barristers and is now experienced in accepting instructions directly from businesses, individuals and permitted professionals, both here and abroad.

Exciting times have arrived whereby clients can obtain direct advice from specialist counsel who advise, draft documents for, and represent clients a one stop shop.

Andrew regularly acts in litigation (as well as the Conduct of Litigation/dual capacity) on Public Access cases including for businesses and individual clients in the UK and increasingly, internationally. The Public Access scheme The shake-up in the provision of legal services, increasing competition, is well suited to the areas of professional experience and expertise which Andrew has.

The overwhelming majority of cases where clients need legal assistance if within his expertise, can be referred to Andrew Noble whose details appear to the left of this narrative appear to the left of this narrative.

Engineers, Chartered Surveyors, Accountants, Architects and members of other recognised professional bodies are also entitled to instruct Andrew directly (in addition to businesses and individuals).

Click here to read a testimonial from one of Andrew's clients - an example of Direct Public Access at work! (PDF opens in a new window)

A copy of Andrew’s terms of engagement is available on request by emailing Andrew at

Some cases involving direct access include:

  • Construction Adjudications (Acting as party representative);
  • Interpretation of the Fifth edition of the Contract of Sale concerning a seller who paid the deposit but was unable to complete;
  • Enforcement of Adjudicator’s fees; claim against two parties who did not accept Adjudicator’s decision to apportion his fees;
  • Engaged by Berwick Rangers F C in a claim against a sponsor for breach of contract;
  • Boundary Dispute caused by construction development works;
  • Professional liability claim against a chartered Valuation surveyor for allegedly failing to identify asbestos;
  • Misrepresentation and collateral contract claim against a vendor and selling agent of a substantial dwelling;
  • Defending a ‘land grab’ claim by an adjoining owner;
  • Boundary claims involving a commercial car park owner and adjoining properties;
  • Business resisting claims from adjoining neighbours concerning alleged rights of use of private lane;
  • Claim for the adverse possession of a dwelling;
  • Resisting neighbours’ claims for a different boundary fence location;
  • Boundary dispute between businesses;
  • Professional negligence claim v Chartered Surveyors (separate valuation surveyors and building surveyors case);
  • Claim involving the auction purchase of a landlocked house;
  • Numerous boundary (adverse possession and easement)disputes (including Property Chamber of the First Tier Tribunal and Court);
  • Party Wall claims (applicability of and failure to follow the Party Wall Act 1996);
  • Defectively designed and/or constructed dwelling case;
  • Claims concerning breach of covenant and under the Party Wall Act 1996;
  • Claims under the Land Registration Act 2002;
  • Commercial and landlord and Tenant dispute;
  • Dilapidation claims by commercial property owners;
  • Adverse possession claim and HM Land Registry Adjudicator’s Appeal;
  • Bank’s claim against the owner of a substantial country house;
  • Defending a claim for specific performance of a contract for the sale of a London apartment when buyer (who had exchanged contracts ) did not have the funds to complete;
  • Claim for specific performance of a contract concerning a car parking space;
  • Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992 dispute;
  • Commercial Property dispute between partners (Equitable accounting);
  • Insolvency and contractual Advice concerning commercial building dispute between builder and owner;
  • Estate Agents fee dispute;
  • Land use and development: disputed easement (right of way)
  • Contract ⁄ litigation: drafting compromise agreement
  • Property Development: Giving a second opinion in relation to a boundary dispute involving a private road.
  • Advising in relation to a loan agreement between former partners.

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